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Hey, how are your hormone levels today?

After a conversation with my sister, I discovered that our mother entered menopause around age 50; I'm going to turn 50 this year, so I have begun to do a significant amount of research to prepare for what's to come. I'm learning that women don't talk about the change of life.

Nobody sits you down and talks about peri-menopause and menopause like your mom did when you were entering puberty. We don't have the lack of libido talk as they do with teenagers about the birds and the bees, so honestly, I, and I'm assuming some of you may be walking into or through this season of life not knowing what to expect.

If you would like to sit down in a safe community, woman to woman, and ask, "Hey, how are your hormone levels today?" my second Core Focus class is for you. If you want to talk about your future changing body, are going through menopause and would like support, or on the other side of the change and have knowledge you'd like to share, this second Core Focus class is for you. We will talk, laugh, and, of course, strengthen our spiritual and physical core together. I hope you will join me.


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Feb 09

Love this ❤️


We are definitely going to try out this recipe!


Jan 25

Great topic Heather! It's definitely one not talked about often and one that you just have to try to figure it out on your own, at least for me anyway.


Jan 20

Amen, Heather! These words are so true and encouraging right now!


Jan 01

Thank you, Heather, for your beautiful post. I alwasy feel so much love and encouragement from reading your blog posts <3

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