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A Soul Care Moment

Occasionally, I stop at my favorite market, grab a sandwich and a drink, and sit outside in the sunshine. This Tuesday, after I taught my classes, the sun was shining, and because we had had only four days of sunshine in January, I stopped at the market. I hemmed and hawed over a turkey or ham sandwich, an apple for dessert or dark chocolate, Kombucha or seltzer, made my purchases, and sat outside at one of the tables provided. It became chilly as I ate, so I pushed my hair back as best as I could and put the hood of my sweatshirt up. My hair kept puffing out, but I thought, oh well, I'm having a soul-care moment.

Squinting into the sunshine, sandwich half gone, I watched three young women skirt around me and look at me like something was wrong with me. Confused but polite, I smiled at them and continued to eat my sandwich. They eyeballed me again on their way out of the store as they walked to their cars. Again, I smiled but was still confused. As I sat back and took a deep breath, enjoying the sun on my face, a breeze pushed my hair into my face. I tucked it back into the hood and caught my reflection in the window.

I sat in an oversized black coat with a hood on, and my uncombed grey hair puffed out like cotton from under the hood. I didn't have a stitch of make-up on, and my wrinkles were prominent as I squinted into the sun. I looked messy and unkempt, and I wondered if the young women thought I was homeless, enjoying a free meal compliments of the store. I giggled. I couldn't let what other people thought bother me. Time is short, and life is busy, and I have learned that no matter what I look like, disheveled or presentable, taking care of my soul is of utmost importance.


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Feb 09

Love this ❤️


We are definitely going to try out this recipe!


Jan 25

Great topic Heather! It's definitely one not talked about often and one that you just have to try to figure it out on your own, at least for me anyway.


Jan 20

Amen, Heather! These words are so true and encouraging right now!


Jan 01

Thank you, Heather, for your beautiful post. I alwasy feel so much love and encouragement from reading your blog posts <3

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