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Post 4-No Time to Comment...Heart Emoticon.

I'm off to the hotel, its 1:45 and the baby is waking up. I hear her call for me. I had hoped to be gone before hearing her sweet, small voice, and my heart breaks as I walk out the door. But I do it, I put the key in the ignition and am determined to go because its good for me, mommy needs a break. I run a few errands, pick up a pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese, dinner, a little chocolate, dessert, and a bottle of Moscato because what wine goes better with bagels and chocolate? These were the foods I was craving so I went with it.

As I turned out of the parking lot, switched on NPR and jumped on the interstate I think, this feels like a real vacation. Haha! I tricked my brain into thinking I'm on a trip instead of driving to the next town. Note to all you Mom's out there. Even if your retreat is in the next town, make it feel like you are on a trip by doing things you would on vacation.

After shedding the guilt and fear at the front door, I lugged my bags to my room and embraced the silence. Ahhhhh....Silence, real silence, it had been so long.

After I did the necessary things to get situated, like turn the wifi on, I prayed. Jesus is one of my very best friends and we hadn't connected in a while. Don't get me wrong we've talked but lately I've been tuning him out, and treating him like a friend on Facebook. Scroll down, like or heart emoticon a post, and keep scrolling. I like what you have to say Jesus, I love the picture you posted but sorry I don't have time to comment. It's a good thing Jesus loves me and doesn't unfriend me because sometimes I don't make our friendship a priority.

Anyway, I knew first thing that I needed to reconnect with my best friend. I prayed, I read my bible, I listened to worship music, I cried and asked him to forgive me for ignoring him. And through the course of the evening he reminded me what I was made for. Yes, I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend but I am much more than the combination of all those things. He reminded me that I have a voice. I have a unique way of sharing my life. Hence this blog. And of course I asked him, "What if no one reads it?" His reply, "Does it matter? You are doing what you love and you are using your voice, that's all that matters."

So I encourage you ladies, you moms out there, sometimes we forget or get confused about who we are as women, and overtime our relationships define us. Don't get lost, go on a mini retreat, go for a walk and ask. The Bible say's, "Ask and It will be given to you; seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you." I challenge you, seek, ask, and knock, He will remind you what you were made for.

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Feb 09

Love this ❤️


We are definitely going to try out this recipe!


Jan 25

Great topic Heather! It's definitely one not talked about often and one that you just have to try to figure it out on your own, at least for me anyway.


Jan 20

Amen, Heather! These words are so true and encouraging right now!


Jan 01

Thank you, Heather, for your beautiful post. I alwasy feel so much love and encouragement from reading your blog posts <3

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