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The Healing Power of Food

The doctor sat in the chair next to me, a strange thing to do since we are amid COVID. He sighed as he placed the laptop on his knees and scanned the X-Ray and MRI images. “Truthfully, it doesn’t look good,” he said, gesturing to the screen. I nodded in agreement. I had injured my right knee as a teenager and over the years had noticed a bone-on-bone grinding sensation in both, and pain had become its bedfellow. “I’m going to throw the kitchen sink at ya,” he said. I stared at the screen, trying to make sense of the skeletal, black, and white images. “Your knees are a mess, and your only option is to have knee replacement surgery.” I’m only 46, I thought as I bit my lip and blinked away tears. We discussed options, and I left with a plan, Cortisone injections, Viscosupplementation, (a gel-like substance that is injected into the joint to reduce friction and pain due to grinding joints), and Ibuprofen for inflammation.

As a fitness instructor, I walked away from the appointment feeling like a broken toy on the "Island of Misfit Toys", not able to do what I was made for. The fact was, I didn’t want knee replacement surgery; I wanted my knees to work how they were created to. I sat with the options that the doctor gave me and wondered if there was a better way.

From there I began the journey to change my habits to improve the health of my joints. I incorporated low-impact movements into my exercise routine and discontinued the movement if it hurt. I also sought guidance from a nutritionist who suggested foods such as a daily cup of bone broth which is a rich source of Collagen, (the protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity), and ate foods such as chia seeds mixed with oats for breakfast and salmon once a week because both are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce the intensity of joint discomfort. In the evening, I relax with a frothy cup of Golden Milk, instead of decaf coffee or wine, to reduce inflammation.

I was skeptical that adjusting the foods I consume would decrease the grinding pain, stiffness, and inflammation, but they have helped enough that I hope to prolong the need for injections and surgery.


Comments (5)

Feb 09

Love this ❤️


We are definitely going to try out this recipe!


Jan 25

Great topic Heather! It's definitely one not talked about often and one that you just have to try to figure it out on your own, at least for me anyway.


Jan 20

Amen, Heather! These words are so true and encouraging right now!


Jan 01

Thank you, Heather, for your beautiful post. I alwasy feel so much love and encouragement from reading your blog posts <3

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