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Anti-Inflammatory Eating Plan

If you read my prior post, you know that my appointment with my Naturopath went well. I felt heard and valued; she then suggested I adopt an anti-inflammatory eating plan. After a few weeks of dragging my feet, this cereal-eating, peanut butter-loving girl bought the book, The Healing Kitchen that she suggested.

The book arrived in the mail the day that I received a still warm from the oven loaf of bread from my friend Nina. I sat down at the kitchen table, opened the book, and as the butter melted onto my snack-sized slice of toast, I read that in order for the diet to work, I had to cut out dairy, grains, eggs, night-shade vegetables, legumes, nuts, sugar, and alcohol. I almost cried.

I am the girl who buys French bread at the grocery store and rips a hunk off to eat on the way home. I wasn't happy, and like a child, I put the book on my desk and ignored it. But, after I pouted for a few weeks and ate bread and cereal for almost every meal, I cracked open the book and planned my first week.

The first week was difficult because I had to shop, plan and prep, and because I wasn't used to it, it seemed like I spent hours trapped in the kitchen. I don't like my kitchen enough to spend hours in there. It wasn't the prepping and cooking that I disliked; it was the clean-up. UGH!

But it became easier, and I felt better.

So, let me outline the benefits of going on an anti-inflammatory eating plan for a short time.

*This is not a forever diet.

*It is not a diet to lose weight. This eating plan is designed to heal the gut and discover what foods you are sensitive to.


  • You discover what foods you have a sensitivity to.

  • Less gas and bloating.

  • More energy.

  • The book provides shopping lists.

  • Weekly meal plans

  • Easy to follow recipes.

  • The recipes are full of fruits and vegtables=the vitamins that our bodies need.

  • The book includes desserts, snacks, and drink recipes.

  • Decreased joint pain.

  • Plantain Chips are delicious and crunchy.


  • You can't eat your favorite foods for a short time.

  • Coconut oil is the main cooking oil. I like the taste, but some do not.

  • The process of adding foods back into one's diet is slow.

  • There are 175+ recipes in the book, but my taste buds are bored. I need to find new recipes.

  • You can't grab premade meals at the grocery store.

  • There is a learning curve.

For example:

Last week I was hungry after my trip to the store, but instead of ripping a hunk of bread off the loaf, I cracked open a can of sardines. After the oil oozed from the tin and plopped on my seat, I decided that a tin of sardines packed in olive oil may not have been the wisest snack choice.

The "mac and cheese" recipe made with plantains called for a can of coconut cream. I purchased the sweetened can. My family suffered through sweet "macaroni and cheese" that evening.

Now that I've been on the eating plan for two months, I've discovered that I am sensitive to nightshade vegetables, nuts, yogurt, gluten, beans, and sulfites. No wonder my belly hurt, and I was bloated all the time!

So, dear reader, if you are having tummy issues, gas and bloating, and pain in your joints, I do recommend this book and going on an anti-inflammatory diet for a time.

Comments (14)

6월 19일

Changing to a ND-prescribed nutritional plan is hard, hard, hard—but can be life-changingly worth it. Thank you for sharing your struggles and journey!


6월 01일

Inflammation has plagued me since I contracted Lyme… only

complicated by my recent injuries. Im going to look more in to this!


2월 20일

I wonder if we have Naturopaths in western ny

답글 상대:

You do! I just googled it and a bunch popped up.


Marianne Dubie
Marianne Dubie
2월 19일


Marianne Dubie
Marianne Dubie
2월 19일


I started going to a natural path and same as you

she took a full hour to get to know me

I finally felt like a human not a produc. I read a blog called deep rootsthe home

fabulous information to take into consideration for everything for your health

God bless

답글 상대:

Hi Marianne,

Thanks for sending me info about the blog. I'll check it out


2월 01일

From what I have been reading. In the book Let food be your medicine by Dr Colbert sometimes it could be an inflammatory issue in your body and you body is letting it show on your skin. You eat pretty healthy but who knows you maybe eating a healthy thing like peppers for example that is causing inflammation in your gut /intestine. Just a thought. Love your work! Dawn R

답글 상대:

Great Book! Thank you for your thoughts. You just may be right! ❤️


1월 24일

I would not take the same injection but would ask the doctor for other options.

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