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Home From Vacation

We returned home yesterday after spending five glorious days with my family in Buffalo, NY. We celebrated my Father's 75th birthday, attended my Grandniece's Baptism, we went to the beach, painted on a graffiti wall, drove a golf cart to Tim Hortons, visited with people that we love and ate a lot of delicious food. This is what vacation is about! I didn't exercise, except the occasional walk and holding my baby Grandnieces Marley and Piper and the food I ate, (for the most part) was not healthy. I enjoyed fried chicken, Beef on Weck, Sponge Candy, cake, Wine Sushies, just to name a few. So, now that I'm home, how do I go from this...

to this

When I feel like this!


I'm exhausted, I don't feel like working out or eating right and my brain wants caffeine and sugar. So what do I do to beat the slump after arriving home from vacation? The first thing I do is drink lots of water. ..

Did you know that 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated?

Dehydration Causes Fatigue, a foggy head, irritability, and is linked to lack of concentration and short-term memory. A person may feel anxious as well.

Drinking water is a great way to boost your metabolism and help a person feel full.

The second thing I do is throw out the candy, (if there's none in the house I won't be tempted) and go shopping for lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Our brains love sugar and when we eat sweet foods the brain's reward system — called the mesolimbic dopamine system — gets activated. Dopamine is a brain chemical released by neurons and can signal that an event was positive. The dopamine system loves alcohol as well, so I cut that out for a time, too.

My journey back to Exercise will be gradual. I've taken almost a whole week off so I don't want to do anything too strenuous in the beginning. Walking, mindful movements, lifting a bit lighter then I might if I hadn't taken a vacation are always good options.

And Rest! Get lots of rejuvenating Rest!

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Jun 19

Changing to a ND-prescribed nutritional plan is hard, hard, hard—but can be life-changingly worth it. Thank you for sharing your struggles and journey!


Jun 01

Inflammation has plagued me since I contracted Lyme… only

complicated by my recent injuries. Im going to look more in to this!


Feb 20

I wonder if we have Naturopaths in western ny

Replying to

You do! I just googled it and a bunch popped up.




I started going to a natural path and same as you

she took a full hour to get to know me

I finally felt like a human not a produc. I read a blog called deep rootsthe home

fabulous information to take into consideration for everything for your health

God bless

Replying to

Hi Marianne,

Thanks for sending me info about the blog. I'll check it out


Feb 01

From what I have been reading. In the book Let food be your medicine by Dr Colbert sometimes it could be an inflammatory issue in your body and you body is letting it show on your skin. You eat pretty healthy but who knows you maybe eating a healthy thing like peppers for example that is causing inflammation in your gut /intestine. Just a thought. Love your work! Dawn R

Replying to

Great Book! Thank you for your thoughts. You just may be right! ❤️


Jan 24

I would not take the same injection but would ask the doctor for other options.

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