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Providing a fun, supportive environment in which women of all ages feel welcome, part of a family, and grow stronger in their relationships with God, themselves, and others.

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 Looking for seated movement options in person or via Zoom? Look no further.


Check out my weekly virtual programs. These classes will engage and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.


Looking for community? Get the scoop and register for these

in-person classes.

What People Are Saying



If you’ve never tried Seated Exercise, you are truly missing something and are up for a surprise. . . because it is so much fun! I participate weekly in the Good Shepherd Church class. Heather has a knack for making us laugh.  She smiles brightly, gives suggestions, or shares a funny story, all while moving our bodies. After class, we all feel stronger and happier. It doesn’t get any better than this!



I have been taking Heather's VivO LIFT & HIIT class for about a year now and I look forward to it each week.  It is so much more than exercise.  Heather cares deeply about the women who take her classes.  She creates a welcoming space for growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Her holistic approach to wellness makes classes accessible to all fitness levels. Heather is often heard saying "You do You" and she truly embraces that sentiment.  Through VivO, I have not only become physically stronger, but I have also been strengthened and encouraged in my Christian walk. I am grateful for this fitness community.

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