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Independent Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor

Love God, Get Healthy, Be Whole, Love Others

The other day, I asked my Wellness Revelation group how I could pray for them. My friend Gerry, who is a terrifically busy lady, posted, "please pray that I stop snacking hugs!" After reading her message I sat back in my chair and wondered why she would need prayer to stop "snacking hugs", and then I realized, in her hurry, she forgot to place a comma between snacking and hugs. We all need snacks, but food isn't the only nourishment we need. Sometimes, we need a hug, nourish ourselves with truth,  meditate, listen to a podcast, chew on scripture, or ask for prayer. And sometimes, all we need is community. My hope is that you will find that at HappyKFitness and Let's Talk Snacks. 


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